Sustainability Solutions


The 10 Pillars of Sustainability Solutions

The Go Green Institute has identified 10 practical categories for Lucrative Sustainability action on the local level that we call the 10 Pillars.  When your city or county implements the practical, proven, and effective sustainability projects across these categories, your community can move in the direction of Broad Based sustainability.  It is our goal to help every motivated city and county in America to transform their local/regional culture and Go Green in 10 years or less.

Pillar #1 – Renewable Energy  

Cleaner, Cheaper, & Zero-Pollution energy for a sustainable and healthy future

Click on the links below to learn about each project:

RE-1    Yolo County Government Goes Grid-Positive with 152% Solar

Pillar #2 – Green Transportation  

Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicles (EVs) for fleets and public transportation

Pillar #3 – LOCAL Agriculture 

Local Organic & Regenerative food production for affordable regional food security

Pillar #4 – Green Economy 

Grow Your Regional Green Economy to honor the environment & create new Green Collar Jobs

Pillar #5 – Ecosystem Protection  

Protection, Preservation & Restoration of Land, Air, and Water

Pillar #6 – Green Buildings

Smart Building Design & Energy Efficiency Retrofits to save millions of dollars

Pillar #7 – Recycling & Waste Management

Responsible & Cost-Effective waste stream management

Pillar #8 – Community Planning 

Town Centers, Parks, Bikeways & Pedestrian byways for higher quality of life

Pillar #9 – Sustainability Education

Sustainability & Resilience Education for expanding citizen awareness

Pillar #10 – Community Health

Providing affordable access to natural and holistic healing services