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The Go Green Cities program projects are currently delivering over $1.2 Billion in new net
Green cash flows to the 30 cities that have implemented these proven projects.

Lucrative Sustainability

Proven Solutions for Local Governments

How Your City or County Can Earn Millions of Dollars Per Year by Going Green

The Go Green Cities team discovered 30 sustainability projects that are earning over $1.2 billion in new positive Green cash flows for their local governments.

     Is your city or county ready to earn millions of dollars by Going Green? 

–  30 Sustainability Solutions are Delivering over $1.2 Billion in New Net Cash Flows
–  Sustainability Projects (more than) Pay for Themselves
–  100% Third Party Financing Results in $0 Investment from your City or County Fund
–  Projects in 10 Practical Categories Provide for Broad Based Sustainability Progress
–  Each Project is Delivering (on average) over $40 Million per Project over 20 Years


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The Go Green Institute, a not-for-profit 501C3 group of environmental scientists, researchers, and writers out of Maui, Hawaii, recently published a research guidebook describing the top 30 projects in the world that protect the environment and make money at the same time.  These proven projects and programs provide a valuable set of ready-made templates to support a Green-Green Win-Win Lucrative Sustainability movement for cities and counties across America. Now cities and counties can learn how to duplicate these economic and ecological successes to benefit their own citizens.

Over two years, the Go Green team researched and studied 250 sustainability best practices projects from around the world.  The 30 winning projects showcased in the Lucrative Sustainability research guidebook slash hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon and other GHG emissions and protect or restore valuable local ecological resources for decades to come.  And, these projects do something else.  They make money for their municipal general funds.  The research guidebook published the end of 2018, is entitled:

Lucrative Sustainability
Proven Solutions for Local Governments

How Cities and Counties are Earning Millions of Dollars by Going Green


New Green Cash Flows + Protected Local Ecosystems + Improved Quality of Life for Your Citizens


What is Lucrative Sustainability?

The 30 selected sustainability projects create millions of dollars in new Green savings and earnings for their local governments and citizens while they slash carbon and protect valuable local ecosystems.  The average project showcased in the Go Green Cities 2-Day Training were shown to earn positive net Green cash flows to the cities and their citizens:


Go Green Cities
Demonstrated Project Financial Returns =

– 30 Projects Delivering over $2 million per project, per year
–  Realizing over $40 million net cash flow per project over a 20-year period
–  Go Green Cities projects are delivering over $1.2 billion in new Green cash flows to those 30 municipalities


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Go Green Cities 2-Day Training


Your county or city can sign up now to schedule your 2-day training program to educate and support your local municipal leaders (City Manager, Economic Development Director, Sustainability Managers, and Elected Officials) to understand how your local government can adapt and customize these proven templates for economic and ecological success to work for your own local community.



What is the goal of the Go Green Cities program?

The goal of the Go Green Cities program is to provide cities and counties across the USA with the proven sustainability solutions projects and programs they can adapt and implement in their own communities to slash carbon and other toxic emissions, protect or restore valuable local ecological resources, while making millions of dollars in new Green cash flows for their city or county at the same time.

Who is the Go Green Institute?

The Go Green Institute is a project of the Go Green Culture Foundation 501C3 non-profit based out of Maui, Hawaii and Tiburon, California that is dedicated to Advancing the Art and Science of Sustainability on the local level in order to Empower Sustainable and Prosperous Communities everywhere to Go Green in 10 years or less.  Their research team is led by Gerry Dameron, a writer, speaker, trainer, and successful 30-year Green Entrepreneur in solar power, wind energy, energy efficiency contracting, public-private partnership projects, electric vehicle manufacturing and leadership consulting.  Over the past 4 years, the team has included a PhD in agronomy, a Master’s level environmental scientist, a medical doctor, a 30 year Waldorf educator, a college writing professor, world renowned videographers, researchers, and numerous citizen volunteers all committed to finding the rapid, practical, and straight forward solutions needed to turn around the root causes of climate crisis on the local level.  The Go Green Cities program is focused on supporting cities and counties to accomplish these crucial goals within 10 years or less.

Why is the Go Green Cities program focused on the 10-year time frame?

Climate scientists from all around the world have pointed out the urgency for communities to make substantive and dramatic shifts in our human behavior in order to avert catastrophic consequences to our atmosphere and planet within the coming 10 years.  Fortunately, all 30 of the proven and demonstrated projects and programs showcased in the Go Green Cities program have been proven to accomplish huge positive impacts and results, both ecologically and economically, within 1, 2, 3, or at most, 10 years.  The programs showcased in the trainings and research guidebook can be implemented together to create a wholesale community shift to sustainability in under this critical 10 year time frame.

How broad ranging is the Go Green Cities program?

The projects showcased in the research guidebook and in the 2-day training program are being referred to by some as a new system for implementing Broad-Based Sustainability.  The projects and programs have been organized into 10 categories for practical sustainability action on the local or regional level that are applicable to most every municipality in the USA.  These categories for practical sustainability action are being called the 10 Pillars of Local Sustainability.  The include the categories of:  Renewable Energy, Green transportation, Regenerative Local Agriculture, Green Buildings, Ecosystem Restoration and Protection, Recycling and Waste Management, Stimulating a Vibrant and Growing Local Green Economy, Community Planning, Sustainability Education, and Community Health Systems. 

I work not for a city but for a county government. Can our county government use and benefit from the Go Green Cities program?

The Go Green Cities program has been designed specifically for either city and county governments.  The Go Green team met with 12 cities and 12 counties in late 2018 hoping to garner and understanding of the interest level that government leaders have for this practical but lucrative program.  With expectations of 25% to 30% interest, the Go Green team was astounded and gratified to discover that 87% of the 24 local governments who received a presentation on the program expressed high interest in learning from and using the program in 2019.  Any local government that wants to utilize the program wisdom and sustainability solutions can benefit both economically and environmentally beginning this year.

How much money can our county or city make from using the Go Green Cities program?

The 30 projects and programs showcased in the research guidebook, and in the 2-Day training, are delivering right now, on average, over $2 million per project per year to the cities and counties who implemented them.  This equates to over $40 million per project over a 20-year period, with many of the projects delivering economic and ecological benefits for many years beyond a 20 year horizon.  Thus, the 30 go Green Cities projects are in the process of delivering huge environmental benefits along with over $1.2 Billion in combined new Green cash flows to the 30 cities and counties over 20 years.

Will the Go Green Consulting team guarantee how much money our city can make with the Sustainability Solutions / Go Green Cities program?

The Go Green consulting and training team can not guarantee the specific economic or ecological results you will achieve from your adaptation and implementation of these proven projects, since your own local citizens and government leaders will be guided to make your own decisions as to how you want to adapt, and scale, and implement the proven programs over time.  However, you will learn from the training materials how many cities and counties have already achieved these brilliant economic and ecological results.  The Green Heroes cities who created and implemented the first versions of these templates for sustainability success on the local or regional level have so much to teach us all!  We are grateful for their sharing of their wisdom and their past successes so we can benefit from their pioneering work as well.  Your city or county team will decide “how big” and “how fast” you want to go.

Who has shown interest in the Go Green Cities program?

On a recent tour of the USA in late 2018, Go Green representatives presented the new 2019 training program outline to 12 cities and 12 counties from coast to coast.  Looking to see if 25% to 30% of the cities contacted might have interest in learning about these proven and demonstrated projects and programs for 2019, expectations were far exceeded when 21 of the 24 municipalities (87%) expressed interest in learning about these programs as they could relate to doing copy-cat projects to duplicate or exceed the success that the 30 communities are already experiencing around the world.

Can our city benefit from these projects and programs, too?

The projects and programs in the research guidebook were selected because of the dramatic success they are delivering now to their local citizens and governments, and because the projects are straight forward, easy to understand, and broadly duplicatable for most any local government anywhere in North America.

Is this program a sustainability fad?

All of the 30 projects showcased in the research guidebook and in the Go Green Cities 2-Day training are currently delivering verified, quantifiable, and enduring ecological and economic benefits to the cities or counties that implemented them.  The program is designed to instigate pragmatic and substantial positive results that will endure for 20 to 30 years or more for each community.  The results of these projects and programs have been studied and confirmed by scientists and local citizens alike.  The results have been shown to be real and enduring. 

Will our local politicians be enthused about the results of this program for our local government?

This program is being said by some local government officials to be the first time that both fiscal conservatives and liberal environmentalists can come together in complete harmony.  The fiscal conservatives will be able to use the Go Green Cities program to create new economic growth, new jobs creation (Green Collar Jobs) for youth and middle aged people alike, while the environmentalists will realize their dreams of dramatic ecological protection, slashing of carbon, a healthier environment for all their citizens, environmental education of their people, and improved quality of life for decades or even generations.   This is truly proving to be the Green-Green Win-Win-Win that so many Americans have been wanting for decades.

How many of the 30 projects can our city implement at one time, in one year?

The Go Green team will help your team in the 2-Day training to prioritize which top 3 projects best fit with your city or county needs in the near term years.  The training will help your city team plan for how to proceed to implement your chosen projects, with an active Project Plan & Timeline.  We generally recommend implementing 1, 2 or 3 prioritized projects in the first year.  Your city team will decide whether to launch 1, 2 or 3 projects in the first year.  You can then expand your customized plan with adding more projects in years 2, 3, 4 and beyond.  Many cities and counties are enthused to implement multiple projects over the coming 2 to 5 years, in order to garner Broad Based benefits economically and environmentally within the projected 10 year time frame.  It is anticipated that within 10 years, your community can use the proven project templates to help you substantially shift your community to a predominantly sustainable community within a decade.  The ravages and stresses of climate change disruption on the local and regional levels can be turned around with these kinds of dynamic and proven projects.

Our city has very little additional investment capital to devote to sustainability. How can we hope to benefit from this Go Green Cities program if we do not have money to invest in the solutions?

All 30 of the projects showcased in the research guidebook and in the 2-Day Training were financed with 100% vendor or 3rd party financing so that the cities and counties were required to invest $0 of their general funds resources.  As such, any city or county with access to financing should be able to implement any or all of the 30 templated projects.  In addition, Go Green nonprofit executives have been in discussion with several lenders who have collectively committed to invest over $400 BILLION in funding to support sustainability infrastructure projects like those outlined and described in the Go Green Cities materials and trainings.   As part of the 2 day training, Go Green trainers introduce your team to various financing options with presentations from actual sustainability investment professionals to give you a head start on the relationships and connections you will need to streamline your project financing.  Remember, the financial results described in the guidebook and trainings are NET financial benefits that the implementing municipalities have accomplished.

How much does the 3-Day Training cost?

The cost of the A) Go Green Cities 2-Day Introductory Training is $12,000.00 plus travel for one Go Green Cities trainer.  These costs can be donated by a local company, an individual citizen, or by a group of citizens.  Some cities and counties are choosing to fold the training, and other consulting fees, into the overall cost structure of the first sustainability project your community decides to implement.  If your town spends $12,000.00 on the two day training, and then fold the cost into the first project, you will be reimbursed the $12,000.00 training fee at the time of financing for project 1, and will thus be out $0 for the up front costs.  A 50% down payment is due to schedule your Go Green Institute trainer for your 2-Day event. 

Who should attend our municipality’s 3-Day Training?

You may have up to a dozen city employees attend the training including your Mayor, City Manager, City CFO, City Economic Development Director, Sustainability Manager, Environmental Programs Coordinators, Recycling Coordinators, etc.  We also suggest you invite several of your elected officials who are invited to attend at no additional cost to your city or county.

And, would it be more economical for us to hire a dozen researchers on our own to spend 2 years to go out and find these sustainability solutions on our own?

The Go Green Institute hired a dozen top notch researchers, scientists, doctors, and writers and editors to identify, study, evaluate, rank, and rate the projects selected from 250+ leading sustainability projects from all around the globe. The program took over 2 years.  If you could assemble and pay for such a stellar team, you could expect to wait a year or more to garner the results and organize the information into a program that is as well organized, laid out, and ready-to-adapt and implement as the Go Green Cities program.  Go Green spent over $200,000 over the 2 years, with 50% of the labor coming from dedicated and brilliant volunteers and citizen Green Journalists.  You could easily spend $300,000 or more to try to emulate the Go Green Institute results.  And, time is of the essence.  The Go Green team has assembled and made this information available to your city or county so you can quickly, easily, and lucratively apply the information ASAP.  Time is of the essence.  Your city’s ecological and economic benefits are here and ready for your use now.  Why wait?

After our 2-Day training, do you leave us high and dry? We do not have a big internal staff or city funding for a bunch of new FTE’s to implement these projects.

The Go Green Institute provides your city or county team with a sample Time Line Planning Tool to help you roll out, adapt, and implement your Lucrative Sustainability solutions for your own township and citizens.  We also provide you with a plan to help you organize 3 or 4 internal staffers to be able to devote 6 or 7 hours a week from their normal work tasks to work together to implement each project within a year, sometimes within 3 to 6 months.  We help you attract and engage your citizens to locate and inspire a dozen or so talented and skilled citizen volunteers to help implement the project.  In this way, the project(s) become a government/citizen collaboration, rather than a citizen activist driven, or government-leader-only project.  This also saves your city or county potentially tens of thousands of dollars on local expertise.

What support can Go Green Institute provide to us beyond the 3-Day Training?

The Go Green Institute endeavors to provide all the varied vendor contacts, the multiple financing relationships, and the guiding framework you need to embark on a successful implementation of 1 to 30 of your proven successful sustainability solutions projects.  However, for cities or counties who realize that they are working to earn net financial gains of $40 million or more per project, Go Green provides a B) 3-Month Program Kick-Off Support Program to assist your city team in every step of the process.  This program fee is $44,000.00 for 3 months of support to help your team plan, layout, time line, and begin to implement from 1 to 3 projects in year one.  For cities or counties who desire more time with the Go Green team support, there is a third program for after the 3-Month program which is a C) 9-Month Implementation Support Program, which is $144,000.00.  Your city team can arrange to have the full Go Green A, B, and C training and support program for $200,000.00 total over the first year of your planning, launch/kick-off/implementation process supported by the Go Green team.  If your city hires Go Green to help you implement only 1 project in the first year, and realizes only the average result from the success templates of $2 million in net income and savings at the end of year one, your city will have achieved a 10 fold (1000% Return on Sustainability Investment <ROSI>) in year one alone with all the additional earnings and savings over the following 19 years adding to your rate of return.  As stated before, your city can reduce your net costs to $0 and your return to 10,000% plus by rolling in your full costs of project implementation into your project number 1 in year 1.  Hopefully, your city will find more projects to implement to expand both your ecological and economic benefits over the years to follow.  We are willing to work with your leadership and citizen teams to customize support programs to fit your city’s stated needs and desires for year 2 or beyond, as you desire our team’s further support.  All our support services are optional.  Our goal is Your Sustainability Success.

Should we share what we have learned with other cities and counties we are connected to?

The Go Green Cities program is designed to expand by word of mouth. As your city or county begins to experience your own positive ecological and economic benefits we hope your city Mayor and other city leaders will share your positive experiences with your fellow local leaders all across America.  We need every community in the US to be on this program within the coming decade so we can see a wholesale shift in carbon reduction, ecological protection, and Green economic growth.  With 20%, and then 50%, and then 75% of the county’s cities and counties participating we expect to see a shifted Green America with healthy living and new Green prosperity for all. 

What does the Go Green Institute hope to achieve with the Go Green Cities program?

Go Green endeavors to support certain motivated and dedicated cities and counties in 2019 to join in the Lucrative Sustainability movement with a utilization of the Go Green Cities program this coming year.  We have met with 24 cities and counties in 2018, finding 21 who have expressed interest in learning and implementing their own versions of these brilliant and practical money-making sustainability projects.  If we can expand the program to 100 cities and counties by the end of 2019, we believe other cities and counties will find out about the economic and ecological successes of these leading communities, and will want to accomplish similar results for their communities.  With our first 10 and then next 100 Mayors and City Managers or Sustainability Managers reaching out to the 20 cites or counties they know of, we hope to expand the successful program to 1000 municipalities in 2020, all earning over $2 million per year for EACH project they choose to implement.  This can potentially become the beginning of a rapidly expanding, duplicatable, and fully scalable circle of shared sustainability success that can grow throughout North American and beyond.  Why not share the sustainability successes with your colleagues in your city and county networks?  With 3002 counties in the US, and 1500 cities with over 25,000 citizen population, we have 4500 distinct local/regional communities targeted to serve.  How quickly can this group of 1000 leader municipalities, expand to 2000, or 3000, or 4500 local munis using and benefitting from these brilliant but practical Lucrative Sustainability projects and programs, for the benefit of all citizens, and for the benefit of our children and grand children in the decades to come?  With this, we are planning to support the GO Green Cities program to enable these accelerating (effective and practical) steps forward.  300 years ago, our nation/colony might be thought of as mostly living in sustainability and harmony with nature. 

Our motto for 2020:  We Are Making America Green Again

What other educational resources can we look to become involved in?

Your city will also be invited to regional conferences in the future anticipated to be Sustainability Solutions Summits where consultants and city teams gather to share experiences, challenges, and successes they have experienced in their adaption and implementation processes.  We can collaborate and win with sustainability together by sharing our experience. Best Practices can provide an effective and evolving framework (the science and art of…) for local sustainability success.

What should I tell my Mayor about the Go Green Cities program?

Tell her/him that some of our community leaders are saying that since 78% to 85% of Americans indicate, year after year, that they want responsible management of our ecological and economic resources protected and preserved, that they should pay attention to the concept that:   Green Mayors Get Re-Elected…