Go Green Cities 2-Day Training



Your county or city can sign up now to schedule your 2-day training program to educate and support your local municipal leaders (City Manager, Economic Development Director, Sustainability Managers, and Elected Officials) to understand how your local government can adapt and customize these proven templates for economic and ecological success to work for your own local community.


In the 2-Day training Go Green will support your city team to:

  •   Create new financial success & deliver real environmental results to your citizens
  •   Fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to your city by taking advantage of proven Green economic opportunities
  •   Begin to create tens of millions of dollars in new positive Green cash flows for your citizens and general fund
  •   Review and evaluate the top projects that fit best with your city or county’s top needs and interests for 2019 and beyond
  •   Outline your plan to implement 1, 2, or 3 Lucrative Sustainability projects beginning in 2019
  •   Learn how to finance any of the 30 projects with 100% outside financing (with $0 city investment)
  •   Start a 10-year plan to grow economically while you protect more of your environmental resources

Go Green Cities 2-Day Training includes sessions with lending institutions who are ready to finance your proven Go Green sustainability projects with up to $400 billion in dollars pledged to sustainability projects over the coming decade.


2-Day Training Fee:

$12,000.00 US plus travel expenses for a Go Green Trainer to educate up to 12 members of your municipal team.
(Your elected officials may attend the training sessions at no additional cost)


Easy Steps:

  1. Contact the Go Green Institute at: GreenPartners@GoGreenCities.us
  2. Specify your preferred 2-day Training dates
  3. Pay your 50% deposit via check, or PayPal,
  4. Go Green will call you to confirm your requested dates, and
  5. Go Green will send you 3 Copies of the Sustainability Solutions research guidebook for your team to review and pre-study prior to our visit to train up to 12 of your city staff, along with how ever many elected officials wish to attend at no additional cost.