What is Lucrative Sustainability?

The information contained in this breakthrough research guidebook, and outlined in the non-profit group’s training and consulting programs, are being described by some as the beginning of a Lucrative Sustainability movement for local communities across the USA. 


Lucrative Sustainability

Proven Solutions for Local Governments

How Your City or County Can Earn Millions of Dollars Per Year by Going Green

The Go Green Cities team discovered 30 sustainability projects that are earning over $1.2 billion in new positive Green cash flows for their local governments.

Is your city or county ready to earn millions of dollars by Going Green? 

–  30 Sustainability Solutions are Delivering over $1.2 Billion in New Net Cash Flows
–  Sustainability Projects (more than) Pay for Themselves
–  100% Third Party Financing Results in $0 Investment from your City or County Fund
–  Projects in 10 Practical Categories Provide for Broad Based Sustainability Progress
–  Each Project is Delivering (on average) over $40 Million per Project over 20 Years


Learn How Your City Can Benefit from These Best Practices

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