$0 Down Financing


Local governments across the US want to implement smart and ecologically responsible Lucrative Sustainability projects in their own communities.  However, local budgets are tight and extra funding is not easy to come by.  How is a city or county to fund projects that can create Green economic growth and protect local ecosystems for decades to come?

The 30 projects showcased in the Lucrative Sustainability research guidebook, and shared in the Go Green 2-Day Training, all utilized outside vendor or third party financing to make their projects happen without dipping into their municipal general funds.  And all 30 of the projects pay for themselves, plus more.

As part of the 2-Day Training, you will learn how financial institutions and vendors provided all of the project funding to create over $1.2 billion in new Green cash flows.

The Go Green team has also been in discussion with multiple finance entities for potential financing or underwriting services for future projects across the US.  In fact, some of the entities have pledged over $100 billion in funding will be made available over the coming decade for sustainability infrastructure projects on the local and regional level.  We look forward to introducing you to these vendors and finance entities as part of your 2-Day training.

The Go Green Cities / Go Green Counties program is designed to support your city or county with proven and demonstrated project methodologies, insights about how you may adapt these proven templates for implementation in your own community, and access to potential finance partners for your own Lucrative Sustainability program.

We hope to help your city or county Go Green starting in 2019 and beyond.   

Working together, We Can Make America Green Again over the coming decade.